Leaving a Relationship - How to unmatch yourself in a relationship

You've completed your registration, been matched up, and embarked on your mentoring journey. Depending on your program, you may have a predefined relationship length in which your administrator will provide relationship closure guidance and unmatch you after a certain amount of time.

In some cases, you may wish to leave a relationship early. Perhaps you and your partner have already achieved all your goals or you have determined that the match isn't a good fit. In either case, you can opt to leave your relationship at any time by following the steps and best practices below.


Winding Down Your Relationship Gracefully

When you're ready for your relationship to come to a close, we recommend having honest and open conversations about bringing your relationship to an end with your partner(s). For best practices and guides on gracefully closing a relationship, check out the Onward and Upward - Transitioning from your mentoring relationship video and Closure Plan Document located in the Resource Library of your mentoring platform.

To access these resources:

  • Log into to your mentoring platform.
  • Navigate to the Resource Library by clicking the Resource Library link in the top right corner of your screen.


  • Scroll to the bottom of your Resource Library to locate the relationship closure resources.


For additional questions and guidance about navigating your relationship closure, don't hesitate to reach out to your program administrator.


Leaving Your Relationship

To officially leave your relationship, follow the steps below, or check out this short video to guide you through the process.

  • Log into your mentoring platform
  • On your profile page, click the Leave Relationship button.
  • On the leave relationship confirmation screen, you'll have options to
    • Indicate why you're ending the relationship.
    • Receive a short relationship satisfaction survey.
    • Receive a final QuickcliQ survey to recorded any final time spent with your match.
    • Optionally send a note to your partner or group saying a final thank you and confirming that the relationship has now officially come to a close.
  • To officially leave your relationship, click the red Leave Relationship button.