Customizing Programs

MentorcliQ works with you to design and customize each mentoring program on the MentorcliQ platform. We configure each program to 1) create a great participant experience, 2) capture the right information for matching and reporting, 3) support the program administrator. 

Depending on the level of additional customizations (for example, special adjustments to the matching algorithm), it can take from 1 day to 2 weeks to finalize the configuration. We will communicate this timeline during the design phase discussions.  

When we finish configuring your environment, we will host a short demo/training session with you to review the program settings. 

Customizing the Enrollment Experience

Enrollment Experience - you will select and discuss how to customize different aspects of the enrollment process. 

  • Public or Private program
    Will you allow everyone to self-enroll in the program (public), or make this an invitation only program (private)?
  • Professional Survey is customized to meet matching and reporting needs.
    • Phone Number
    • Division
    • Job Function
    • Employment Level
    • Location
    • Gender (optional)
    • Race/Ethnicity (optional)
    • Custom Fields and Lists can be provided by customer
  • Visual Personality Survey (VPS) - Recommended
    The Visual Personality Survey is 1-2 minute survey based on the 5-Factor Model. This information is used in the matching process to match up participants with similar personalities. Want to know more? Check out this short video for more information.
  • LinkedIn Import - Recommended
    Finding that professional profile picture on your computer and then uploading it can be tedious. And Googling someone to learn more about them can feel awkward. Let us help to make it easy and natural by allowing participants to import their professional profile picture from LinkedIn and providing a link to a participants LinkedIn profile.
  • Program Preferences
    Program preferences will allow participants to specify the mentoring preferences based on each program in which they are enrolled. The fields for program preferences will be consistent for each program, allowing you to roll-up reports and compare data between multiple programs.
    • MentorcliQ’s recommended ten competencies provide the perfect mechanism for matching participants based on common development goals and expertise. Competencies help participants think about what they want out of the relationship, which helps build healthy partnerships to achieve those goals.
    • Competencies can also be customized based on organizational competencies or focus areas.  

Customizing the Program Details

Program Details - you will also decide on certain details like program name, target population, and timelines. 

  • Program Name (e.g. Finance Mentoring Program)
  • Program Description
    The description can be 2-3 sentences that describes the mentoring program and its goals. The program description is presented on the site to both participants and administrators.
  • Matching Style.
    • Administrator Matching (Traditional process where participants register and matching is handled by the administrator).
    • SuggestedMatching (Specific to MentorcliQ, this style of matching allows for participants to suggest matches while the final decision is still made by the administrator. Suggested matching can be used with both administrator and Smart Matching).
    • SmartMatching (Based on the Nobel Prizing winning algorithm for stable relationships, MentorcliQ’s Smart Matching algorithm can be combined with both administrator and suggested matching to find the best possible matches for everyone in the program in a matter a minutes).
    • SelfMatching (This hands-off approach allows participants to request, approve and decline match requests. This form of matching can also be used in conjunction with administrator matching).
  • Frequency of Progress Surveys (QuickcliQs)
    For reoccurring progress check-ins we use a survey dubbed the QuickcliQ for it's fast and convenient way for participants to check-in on their mentoring progress. For more information check out this short video.
    • Monthly (most common)
    • Quarterly (great for long-term programs)
    • Other
  • Milestones
    • Program Milestones - are actions that are considered essential for the successful development and completion of a mentoring cycle. e.g. Program Orientation Training
    • Relationship Milestones - are actions that participants can engage in that help to establish and cultivate a successful mentoring relationship. e.g. Partnership Agreement, Mid-Cycle Check-In, Closure Plan