Self Matching

Self Matching is a great option when you want participants to choose their own mentoring partners from a general mentoring pool. This option is popular among open mentoring programs where a large number of employees are invited to participate in a broad mentoring initiative. 

Here's how it works. 

  1. Participants register in the program, which captures their background, personality, and indicated professional development interests.
  2. Participants review available individuals one-by-one to review the best match for themselves. Matches are presented to the participant based on the algorithm's best match percentage, but can be filtered using other facets like division, gender, tenure, etc.
  3. Click Request Match for the desired mentor/mentee match. This notifies the corresponding mentor/mentee of the match.
  4. When the selected mentors/mentees receive the match request, they can Confirm or (politely) Decline the match. 

If the match request is confirmed, then mentoring can begin immediately. If the match request is declined, then the requesting participant is notified and can then locate and request an alternate match. 

Self Matching TIPS

  • Self Matching programs typically allow the mentee to select the mentor, but this is not a requirement. You can also run a program where mentors select mentees. To change which role (mentor or mentee) is permitted to request the match, contact MentorcliQ support.
  • When first launching a Self Matching program, we recommend inviting your mentors to enroll before inviting your mentees. This ensures that mentees will have a larger pool of mentees to select from.