Admin Matching

In Admin Matching, the administrator views reviews each match, considers the match score, and selects the mentoring pair. This match mode is great for small programs or for when you need to match up specific participants (for example, the CEO has requested to be matched with a specific employee).

The basic Admin Matching process goes like this:

  1. Select a participant.
  2. Click Find a Match for that participant.
  3. Review the match scores for the potential matches. You can also click View Details to see more information on the match compatibility.
  4. Locate the best match.
  5. Click the Match button. 


You then repeat this process to match other participants in the mentoring pool.

When you click the Match button, this puts the two participants into a Pending state. When you are ready to communicate the match you can Publish the Pending match to make it an Active match. 

To publish a pending match: 

  1. From the Admin Panel home page, click View Groups.
  2. Click the Pending tab.
  3. Select the checkbox corresponding to the group (or groups) that you would like to publish. 
  4. Click Publish Group
  5. Optionally customize the match notification emails that will be sent to the mentor and mentee. Note that there are two emails, which allows you to create different messaging depending on the participant role. For example, you may want to assign the mentee the responsibility of reaching out to the mentor to schedule the first mentoring session. 
  6. Click Next and then confirm the message to send the notification and publish the match.

Available vs. Unavailable Participants

When using Admin Matching, you can only match participants that are Available to be matched. By default, unavailable mentors and mentees will not appear during the Admin Matching process.

Mentees are available when: 

  • They have completed enrollment as a mentee.
  • Have not yet been matched with a mentor. Note that mentees in the Pending match state are not available for Admin Matching. If you would like to match a mentee with another participant, you must first Delete the pending group on the Pending tab. 

Mentors are available when: 

  • They have completed enrollment as a mentor.
  • Have been matched with fewer mentees than their selected Mentor Capacity. Remember that mentors can optionally increase their mentoring capacity during enrollment. If they have specified a capacity of 3, that means they can be matched with up to three mentees. For example, if a mentor with a capacity of 3 only has two matches, that mentor is still considered Available. 


You can optionally see Unavailable participants by selecting Unavailable from the Availability field in the Admin Matching page.