Suggested Matching

You can optionally allow participants to suggest a mentoring match for themselves during the enrollment process. These suggestions are then highlighted during Admin Matching.

Participant suggestions are also considered during SMART Matching. 

To Enable Suggested Matching

Please contact MentorcliQ to help you enable Suggested Matching for your program(s). 

Using Suggested Matching in a Blended Match Approach

You may in fact use all matching modes to match your participants. For example, some organizations follow this basic workflow when launching a new program:

  1. Enable Suggested Matching to allow Mentors to suggest Mentees.
  2. Then use Admin matching to match C-level users with specifically requested mentees. For example, the CEO has indicated that he would like to mentor 3 specific members of the sales team.
  3. Finally, use Smart Matching to match the remainder of the mentoring pool.