SMART Matching

With SMART Matching, you can match all mentoring participants within a program with a single operation! MentorcliQ optimizes the overall match pool by attempting to match everyone with one of their top-ranked matches.

To SMART match your program participants

  1. From the MentorcliQ Program Admin Panel, click Smart Match
  2. Click the Smart Match button to begin the process. Depending on the number of participants and potential matches in your program, this may take several minutes. You may just have time for a refill on your coffee. Go for it!
  3. Review the results. You can view a summary table at the top of the page, and then scroll down to view the individual groups created during the SMART Match process. All newly assigned groups are in a Pending state.

If you need to update some of the matches, you can Delete on or more of the pending groups and then find those participants alternate matches. If you find yourself deleting several groups, then it may make sense to 1) delete all groups, 2) use Admin matching to match some of the tricky matches, and then 3) rerun SMART match on the remaining population.  

TIP: Use Admin Matching for known or required matches first, then match the remainder of the population using SMART matching. This often avoids the need to rework the matches after running SMART matching. 

If the results look good, you can publish the matches. 

To publish the pending matches: 

  1. From the Admin Panel home page, click View Groups.
  2. Click the Pending tab.
  3. Select the checkbox corresponding to the group (or groups) that you would like to publish. 
  4. Click Publish Group
  5. Optionally customize the match notification emails that will be sent to the mentor and mentee. Note that there are two emails, which allows you to create different messaging depending on the participant role. For example, you may want to assign the mentee the responsibility of reaching out to the mentor to schedule the first mentoring session. 
  6. Click Next and then confirm the message to send the notification and publish the match.