Publishing Mentoring Matches

When you use Admin or SMART matching to creating mentoring matches, those matches are placed into a Pending state. This allows you to review all match groups and then optionally publish multiple matches at the same time. This is particularly helpful when coordinating a new program launch or launch of a new cohort in an existing program. 

When you publish a match, the MentorcliQ system sends a match notification email to both parties in the group. You can customize the message for both mentor and mentee at the time of group publication. 

To publish pending matches: 

  1. From the Admin Panel home page, click View Groups.
  2. Click the Pending tab.
  3. Select the checkbox corresponding to the group (or groups) that you would like to publish. You can click the box at the top of the column to select all groups. 
  4. Click Publish Group
  5. Optionally customize the match notification emails that will be sent to the mentor and mentee. There are two email forms, which allows you to create different messaging depending on the participant role. For example, you may want to assign the mentee the responsibility of reaching out to the mentor to schedule the first mentoring session. 
    NOTE: You must include the text [group:match-details] in the body of your message. This token will be replaced with match details specific to each group and translated into the user's default language.
  6. Click Next and then confirm the message to send the notification and publish the match.

Your newly matched participants receive a match notification that includes contact details for their new mentoring partner.