Using the Right Resources at the Right Time (Resource Library)

You can guide and support your participants at key points in the mentoring program using MentorcliQ's milestones, communication tools, and resources.  

At a minimum, we recommend helping participants at these three mentoring milestones: 

  • Getting started in the mentoring program
  • Mid-cycle check-in
  • Relationship closure at the end of the cycle

The MentorcliQ Resource Library includes materials to help with each of these phases. You can direct participants to the Resource Library on your MentorcliQ site. Or you can include links directly to specific resources within your mentoring communications. 

For example, to help participants get started in the program, John sends out an email to all new program participants. The email contains links to a getting started document, a short instructional video, and a goal-setting worksheet. 

TIP: Participants must log onto the system in order to access the Resource Library page, but they do not need to log on to view the content though direct links to PDFs or Videos. In most cases, it's easier for the participant if you provide them with a direct link to the content in a Communication or within a Milestone.