Creating Milestones

Create milestones to help guide participants through the mentoring program. Participants can mark a milestone as completed by updating it through their Profile page, or (easier) by marking it complete on their QuickcliQ. 

About Milestones

Milestones are program-specific tasks or events to help participants track their progress through a program cycle. As a participant completes a milestone, she can mark it complete. Completed milestones are tallied and displayed on the activity report to provide additional visibility into your program.

MentorcliQ features two categories of milestones:

  • Program milestone – for program-specific tasks such as attending the Program Orientation training or completing the Program Satisfaction survey.
  • Relationship milestone – for relationship-specific tasks such as completing the Partnership Agreement form or the Mid-Cycle Check-in meeting.

Each milestone is also assigned a Program Role, which indicates which participant is responsible for driving the milestone and marking it complete. For example, you may decide to make the Mentor responsible for the Mid-Cycle Check-In milestone and the Mentee responsible for the Mentoring Closure Plan. 

To add a new milestone

  1. From the Program Admin Panel, click Update Program Milestones
  2. Click Add Milestone
  3. Complete the Create Milestone form. See notes below for additional information on the form fields. 
  4. Click Save

Notes on the New Milestone fields:

  • Program Role - select the role that is responsible for completing this milestone. If both mentor and mentee need to complete the milestone, you must create an additional milestone and assign it to the other participant.  
  • Due Date - enter a numerical value and select Days, Weeks, or Months from the next field. Milestone due dates are calculated from the date that you published a mentoring match. 
  • Description - enter a short description for the milestone.
    TIP: you can enter links to online resources within the description. For example, for a Mid-Cycle Check-In milestone, you can link to associated documents and videos from the Resource Library.