Using QuickcliQ Data to Manage by Exception

Program participants are asked to complete QuickcliQs periodically to report on their mentoring activity (time spent, focus areas, and completed milestones). This data feeds into the MentorcliQ reports.

This data can also help Administrators identify those participants that may need additional support. Using the QuickcliQ page on the Program Admin Panel, Administrators can: 

  • Review individual QuickcliQs including any notes entered by the participant, and 
  • Identify those participants who did not complete their QuickcliQ or reported zero hours

To identify participants that have not completed their QuickcliQ

  1. From the Program Admin Panel, click QuickcliQs.
  2. Click the link Click here to view 0-hour and incomplete QuickcliQ surveys

  3. Optionally filter the dates to only show data from a specific QuickcliQ period and click Apply

You now have a list of participants that have not completed their QuickcliQ. You can reach out to those users individually to see if they need additional support. 

NOTE: MentorcliQ automatically sends a QuickcliQ reminder one week after sending the initial QuickcliQ. We recommend waiting until after that reminder for any follow-up activity. 

TIP: You can export the Inactivity Report described above for a different view of the data and to get a consolidated list of email addresses. Click the CSV button at the bottom of the QuickcliQ page.