Updating Participant Profiles

Administrators can update profiles for participants in their programs. Your participants will typically manage their own profile updates, but you can assist them with profile updates when requested. 

This includes:

  • Resetting passwords
  • Updating a picture
  • Updating profile fields
  • Updating mentoring preferences and competencies
  • Updating account information like password and contact details

To update a participant's profile: 

  1. From the Admin Panel home page, click View Participants.
  2. Use the search feature or filters on the left to locate the participant.
  3. Click the participant's name or photo to open the profile page.
  4. Click Edit Picture to change the photo.
  5. Click Edit to view and change: 
    Profile information like company background, location, function, gender and ethnicity. For mentors, this is where you can change the Capacity to allow mentors to be matched with more than one mentee. 
    Account information like email address and password.
    Click Save to save any changes you made on the profile or account.  
  6. Click Preferences to update any preferences or competencies that the participant entered during enrollment. Click Save to save any changes.