Unmatching a Mentoring Relationship

Administrators can unmatch a mentoring pair at any time. Unmatching participants typically happens:

  • At the end of a mentoring cycle.
    For example, a 12-month cycle is ending many mentor/mentee relationships are closing in preparation for creating the next 12-month cycle with new mentoring matches.
  • When a single mentoring pair needs to be unmatched because 1) they have accomplished their goals, 2) are ready for a new match, 3) have decided they are not compatible, or 4) one of the participants is leaving the program or company. 

How to Unmatch a Mentoring Relation:



  • From the Admin Panel home page, click View Groups.
  • On the Active tab select the group(s) you'd like to unmatch and select the Unmatch button. (TIP: Select all groups by clicking the checkbox at the top of the column.)
  • Select whether you'd like to send an unmatch notification (a final QuickcliQ) or if you'd like to unmatch the selected group(s) without sending a notification. (TIP: We recommend omitting a notification in exception cases: for example, unmatching because someone has left the program. In this case, the administrator will likely have already contacted both group members about the situation.)
  • (Optional) Select Include final QuickcliQ to include a link to the group's final QuickcliQ. If you select this option, then you must also include the [mentorcliq-survey-link] token in the body of your email.
  • Confirm your selections and Unmatch Participants.