Retiring a Participant

When a participant will no longer be participating in a program, you can "retire" that participant from the program.

Key points about retiring a participant

  • When you retire a participant, that participant can no longer be matched in the program.
  • When a participant is retired, their data will still be accessible for reporting purposes.
  • If a participant has enrolled as more than one role, for example, John Smith is both a mentor and a mentee in the program, you can choose to retire John as either a mentor, mentee or both enrollments.
  • Retiring a participant removes that participant from one program. That participant's enrollment and profile still exist in the system, so that user can still participate in other MentorcliQ mentoring programs. To remove a user from all programs, simply retire that user from any other program where they are actively enrolled. 

Retiring a Participant from a Mentoring Program


  • From the Admin home page, select Manage Enrollments to view all the active enrollments in your program.
  • To view the participants that are eligible to be retired, filter the Match Status to Unmatched and hit Apply. (For a participant to be eligible to be retired, they must not be a part of an active or pending match in the program).
  • Select one of more participant enrollments that you'd like to retire from the program and click Retire.
  • Click Confirm when prompted.