About QuickcliQs

The QuickcliQ is a short, quick survey that is automatically sent to program participants periodically throughout an engagement cycle.

Each QuickcliQ survey captures:

  • How many hours someone has actively spent in the mentoring program (including meetings, research, email, etc.)
  • The program-specific focus areas where the participants have spent their time.
  • Other thoughts or questions for the program administrator.
  • And any milestones that may have been completed.

QuickcliQ timing

You can configure the QuickcliQ timing on a per-program basis. QuickcliQs are typically emailed to program participants monthly or quarterly – depending on other program parameters such as engagement length. For example, if your mentor groups are only expected to be paired for 6 months, then it makes sense to send the QuickcliQs monthly (rather than quarterly).

Work with MentorcliQ support to update your QuickcliQ's timing and frequency. 

How the participant completes the QuickcliQ

Quick clicks only take about 30 seconds to fill out, and so most participants actually complete them! Amazing.

Participants receive an email with a link to their QuickcliQ. They click the link and complete the short survey.

If participants have more than one mentoring relationship, they can record progress for all groups in the same QuickcliQ. They will just scroll down and enter information on each additional group.

And they are done! If a participant does not complete the survey, MentorcliQ automatically sends a friendly reminder after 1 week.

QuickcliQs feed into reports

QuickcliQ results feed into your program reports.

Individual participation hours are aggregated and displayed in the Progress and Investment Reports. You can quickly see in which focus areas participants are spending most of their time, and which focus areas are less explored. This simple breakdown really informs your program. For example, if participants are spending more time in Other than in one of your official focus areas, you might want to consider updating your official focus areas to better match your participants’ mentoring goals.

You can also view program progress, which highlights how many participants are meeting the planned program and relationship milestones.

You can also review individual QuickcliQ results. Using the QuickcliQs admin page, you can filter the survey results by a date range, and then review the Other comments to see what people are actually talking about.