MentorcliQ Reports (Overview)

MentorcliQ features a number of strategic and comprehensive reports that highlight your mentoring activity, engagement, and investment.

  • Progress Report: Provides visibility into total hours recorded each month and milestone progress.
  • Participation Report: Displays number of participants broken down into categories. Allows you to track metrics and drive towards goals (e.g. diversity and inclusion). 
  • Investment Reports: Provides insight into how much time is spent mentoring, who is investing that time, and whether the time being spent aligns with program goals. 
  • Relationship Satisfaction Report: Displays the level of participant’s satisfaction with their mentor/mentee match. Help administrators understand overall mentoring relationship satisfaction as well as identify relationships that may need intervention or new matches. Using MentorcliQ reporting, administrators can “manage by exception” so they only spend time on relationships that most need their help. 
  • Program Satisfaction Report: Displays participants’ overall satisfaction with your mentoring program and measures whether the resources provided and the support they receive from the program is adequate for their success in mentoring. 

Each report is also exportable in PDF format for easy sharing with other team members and leadership.