Completing Your QuickcliQ

The QuickcliQ is a short, quick survey that is automatically sent to program participants periodically throughout an engagement cycle.

Your responses feed into the MentorcliQ reports and help your program administrators monitor 1) the overall program health, and 2) your individual development. 

To complete a QuickcliQ

  1. Using a laptop, tablet, or phone, click the link in the QuickcliQ email. 
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Hours spent mentoring this period (including meetings, emails, and other preparation)
    • Focus of your mentoring activities
    • Milestones completed
  3. (Optionally) Select the Send a note to my program administrator box to reach out to your program admin for help. If you select this option, enter some text in the corresponding section to let your administrator know what's happening. 
  4. Click Submit

NOTE: If you have more than one mentoring relationship, you can record progress for each group in the same QuickcliQ. They will just scroll down and enter information on each additional group.

Seeing your own progress

You can always review and update your QuickcliQ responses by logging onto your MentorcliQ profile page and clicking My Queue (formerly Survey Inbox). These can provide some great personal metrics regarding your professional development activities.