Completing Your Satisfaction Surveys

Your program administrators will periodically ask you to complete a Satisfaction Survey to share your thoughts on the mentoring program and your specific mentoring relationship(s).

NOTE: Your satisfaction survey may include a program survey, a relationship survey, or both.


To complete a Satisfaction Survey 

  1. Using a laptop, tablet, or phone, click the link in the Satisfaction Survey email. 
  2. Click the star to provide your satisfaction rating for the program. 

  3. Click the star to provide your satisfaction rating with your mentoring partner. (If you are involved in multiple mentoring relationships, then you will be able to provide your satisfaction ratings for each relationship.)

  4. Optionally share a story about your mentoring experience at the bottom of the survey. This will help administrators recognize great mentors or mentees or identify those who could use additional training or support. 
  5. Click Submit