Viewing Your Mentoring Progress on Your Profile

You can review and update your QuickcliQ responses and Milestones by logging onto your MentorcliQ profile page. 

TIP: Consider bringing this information to your next employee performance review with your manager. Share (and brag about) your development activities. 


To review your mentoring activity (QuickcliQ responses)

  1. Log onto your organization's MentorcliQ environment. 
    This is typically hosted at https://[your-company]
  2. Click the My Profile menu item.
  3. Click Survey Inbox

  4. (Optional) Review any Pending surveys. These are QuickcliQs that you have not yet submitted. We recommend taking a few minutes to enter your data for these previous mentoring periods.
  5. Click Submitted to review your QuickcliQ surveys to date. At a glance, you can quickly tally up the hours you have spent in the program. Click Update in any row to see which focus areas you discussed in that period.