Managing Multiple Programs

The MentorcliQ platform allows you to manage multiple mentoring programs from a single instance. 

This article includes the following topics: 

  • Administrator access
  • Program categorization
  • Roll-up reporting

Administrators can manage one or many programs

Each program can have up to three administrators assigned to the program. And each administrator can be assigned to multiple programs. Depending on the program size and details, one administrator can easily manage multiple MentorcliQ programs. 

MentorcliQ assigns administrator access during the program configuration. Contact MentorcliQ to add new administrators to a program. 

TIP: For organizations running more than 5 programs, we recommend designating one administrator as a Mentoring Program Coordinator. This coordinator can help administrators plan their roll-outs, collect program feedback, and share best practices. The coordinator would have access to all programs in the environment. 

Organizing your programs into strategic categories 

We encourage customers to think about their mentoring programs in terms of strategic categories: 

  • Career Development - for things like onboarding, leadership development, and succession planning programs
  • Functional Units - for programs aligned with specific functions or business units
  • Diversity & Inclusion - for programs that help align and promote development along affinity groups

We can categorize your programs into groups to help you visualize your strategic mentoring footprint. 

Roll-Up Reporting

From the Admin Panel Home page, you can access a roll-up report that provides some information about all of your programs. This report collects and displays data that is common across your platform such as mentoring hours, participant statistics, and demographic information. 

  1. From the Home page, click Run Report.
  2. View data from specific programs by selecting and de-selecting programs on the upper left and clicking Apply.

 You can access more detailed reports within each program Admin page.