Flexible Matching (Overview)

Great mentor and mentee matches form the foundation of a successful mentoring program. Two participants with complementary professional goals and compatible personalities are more likely to engage in a healthy and productive mentoring relationship.

The better the mentoring matches, the better your program.

When your people enroll in your mentoring program, they provide you with some critical information about their professional background, mentoring goals, and personality. MentorcliQ uses this profile information to calculate a match score for each potential mentoring pair.

The higher the match score, the more compatible the mentoring match.

MentorcliQ Match Modes

Mentorcliq uses these match scores to help you match your participants: either one at a time, or all participants at once using one of the following Match Modes.

Admin Matching - When you want the administrator to have ultimate control. Administrator creates matches one mentoring pair at a time; matches are informed by match score and other helpful filters.

Self Matching - When you want participants to choose their own mentoring partners. Participants review the mentoring pool and select their own mentoring partner.

Suggested Matching - When you want the participants to have even more say in their ultimate match. Participants review the mentoring pool and suggest one or more mentoring partners; the administrator considers the suggestions when making the match.

SMART Matching - When you want to strike the optimized balance of algorithm power and human input. System considers the entire mentoring population and optimizes the matches for the overall mentor program in one operation; administrators can review the match results before publishing the matches.

Group MatchingWhen you want to create mentoring groups (or circles). Administrator can add participants to a mentoring circle to enable a group mentoring dynamic. 

Use Multiple Match Modes within a Single Program 

You can use multiple match modes within a program. For example, imagine you are launching an open mentoring program that is available to everyone in your Finance Department. You choose to allow participants to suggest a match during enrollment (using Suggested Matching). You then use Admin Matching to hand-pick matches for a few of your executive staff members. Finally, you match the remainder of the population using SMART Matching, which will consider both match score and participant suggestions when optimizing the program matches. 

Note that the following match modes are not compatible within a single program: 

  • Self Match is not used with Suggested Match, SMART Match, or Group Match. (Note that you can still make Admin Matches when Self Match is enabled)
  • Group Match is not used with SMART Match