Match Score

About Match Scores

MentorcliQ calculates a match score for each potential mentoring pair. The higher the match score, the more compatible the mentoring match.

By default, the match score is based on participants’:

  • Professional background – department or position, role, and experience
  • Personal background – gender and ethnicity
  • Personality – personality characteristics captured during enrollment by the Visual Personality Survey
  • Competencies – skills and mentoring focus areas specified during program enrollment

Configuring the Match Score Algorithm

MentorcliQ can configure how the match score is calculated in your programs. For example, if your program is designed to promote cross functional communication, then MentorcliQ can update the match score to give preference (or additional "weight") to matches where participants are in different job functions. Similarly you can configure the match weight of other parameters like personality, gender and ethnicity, and competencies. 

Work with your Dedicated Success Coach to request any updates to the mentor match algorithm.