Sending Targeted Communications from the Admin Panel

You can use the Communicate feature on the MentorcliQ Admin Panel to send notifications/communications to program participants. 

The Communicate feature lets you send a message to: 

  • Specific participants - by searching for name or email address
  • A group of participants by filtering on
    • Registration status (example, send a message to all users who have not yet completed their profile)
    • Match status (example, send a message to all users in an Active relationship)
    • Program role (example, send a message only to mentees in the program)

To send a message to a group of participants:

  1.  From the program Admin Panel, click Communicate
  2. Use the Communicate page filters to locate the participant or group of participants that you would like to target. Click Apply to display participants matching the filter criteria. 

  3. Select the participants to receive the notification. TIP: Click the checkbox at the top of the column to select all displayed participants. 
  4. Click Compose Email
  5. Enter a Subject. 
  6. Enter a Message.
  7. Click Preview Message
  8. Confirm when prompted to send the message to the selected recipients.