Satisfaction Surveys

You can send satisfaction surveys to your participants throughout the mentoring cycle. We typically recommend sending a satisfaction survey at the program mid-point and at the end of the program cycle. 

Satisfaction surveys prompt participants to comment on satisfaction with the following:

  • Program - was the participant satisfied with training, resources, and support?

  • Relationship - did the participant feel their mentoring partner was committed, knowledgeable, and open minded?


To send satisfaction surveys to program participants

  1. From the Program Admin Panel, click Send Satisfaction Surveys. 
  2. Select individual groups to receive the survey, or click the checkbox at the top of the column to select all program participants. 
  3. Click Compose Survey Message
  4. In the Survey Selection Area, select which survey(s) you'd like to send to participants. If both you select both the program and relationship satisfaction surveys, we'll combine the surveys into one form.
  5. Update the Subject
  6. Update the Body
    Make sure to include the token, [mentorcliq-survey-link] in your message to indicate where the survey link will be placed.
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Confirm when prompted. 

The surveys are sent to the participants email inbox.