Enrolling in a Mentoring Program (Overview)

Welcome to your mentoring program powered by MentorcliQ.

Getting started is easy. You can register and complete your profile in less than 5 minutes.

Your administrator will send you an invitation to join the program. Click the link in the invitation to go to the registration page. Enter your email and password to begin the enrollment process. 

  1. Complete a short professional survey, where you answer a few questions about yourself and your program. (Note that the fields included on this Profile step are customized for your program.)

    Mentors - we'll ask you one additional question about your Capacity. This tells us how many mentee relationships you can support. For example, if you feel like you can support two mentee relationships, you would set your Capacity to 2.  

  2. Complete a very quick visual personality survey (VPS).
    MentorcliQ software uses the results to help your administrator match you with compatible participants. Click Begin the Survey and then select the image that best resonates with you. There are no wrong answers. Just pick what feels right.

  3. (Optionally) Import your LinkedIn profile by entering your personal LinkedIn credentials. 

  4. Select your mentoring preferences or competencies. 
    Mentees - this includes specifying the areas that you would like to develop.
    Mentors - this includes specifying the areas where you can help mentees.
    (Note that the fields included on this Preferences step are also customized for your program.)

  5. (Optional) Some programs may be configured to allow you to either select a mentoring match (self match) or suggest a match from the mentoring pool. You can learn more about Self Matching and Suggested Matching. 

And you are done. You have officially enrolled in the program. 

Now your program administrator can use your profile, your suggestions, and MentorcliQ’s search engine to match you up with a compatible mentoring partner. When matched, you will receive a Match Notification Email that includes your new mentor or mentee's contact information.  

Getting Started with MentorcliQ (Participants) 

Here is a short video that provides an overview of how you can enroll and then interact with the system.