Updating your MentorcliQ Profile

You can review and update your MentorcliQ profile and account information from your My Profile page. This includes updating the following: 

  • Profile fields
  • Visual Personality Survey
  • Profile Picture or LinkedIn Connection
  • E-Mail, Password, and Default Language Settings

To log onto your My Profile page

  1. Log onto your organization's MentorcliQ environment. 
    This is typically hosted at https://[your-organization].mentorcliq.com.
    (Example: acme.mentorcliq.com)
  2. Click the My Profile menu item.

To update your profile fields

  1. From the My Profile page, click Edit
  2. Update any of the profile fields. These profile fields have been customized for your program. 
  3. Click Save Profile


To retake your personality survey

  1. From the My Profile page, click Edit
  2. Click on the Personality Survey menu item.
  3. Click on Being Personality Survey to take or retake your Visual Personality Survey.

To update your picture or LinkedIn Connection

  1. From the My Profile page, click the Edit tab. 
  2. Click on the Profile Picture menu item.
  3. Choose a File to update your profile picture or,
  4. Update your LinkedIn Connection to import your LinkedIn profile picture and add a link to your LinkedIn Profile.

To update account settings (password, email, or default language settings)

  1. From the My Profile page, click Edit
  2. Click Account.
  3. Enter your Current Password
  4. Update the desired account fields. If updating the password, you must enter it in both the Password and Confirm Password fields.  
  5. Click Save Profile