Selecting Your Match (Self Matching)

Some program allow participants to select their own mentoring match during the enrollment process. The match request is forwarded directly to the requested partner who can either 1) Confirm the request, or 2) Decline the request. 

To self-select a mentoring match (for self-match-enabled programs)

  1. During the enrollment process, click Request a Match when prompted. 
  2. Browse the mentoring pool to identify potential matches.
    • Potential matches are ranked according to a Match Score. The higher the score, the better the match (based on your profile, personality, and mentoring preferences).

    • You can click facets/filters on the left to display only matches in that category. For example, click Level > Director to show only participants at the Director level. 

    • Click View Details to see how you compare with a potential mentoring partner. Items highlighted in green show where your background, personality, and preferences (competencies) overlap. 

  3. When you find a good potential mentoring partner, click Request Match.
  4. Your match request is immediately sent to your requested mentoring partner. 

If the match request is confirmed, then mentoring can begin immediately. You will receive a match notification email with contact information for your new mentoring partner. If the match request is declined, then you are notified and can then repeat the above process to locate and request an alternate match.