Understanding the Match Score

MentorcliQ calculates a match score for each potential mentoring pair. The higher the match score, the more compatible the mentoring match.

Program administrators use the match score to help find you a compatible mentoring partner. Some programs allow participants to review match scores and select (or suggest) their own mentoring pair. Either way, the match score provides quick insight into whether two participants would make a good mentoring match. 


By default, the match score is based on participants:

  • Professional background – department or position, role, and experience
  • Personality – personality characteristics captured during enrollment by the Visual Personality Survey
  • Competencies – skills and mentoring focus areas specified during program enrollment


The match score can also be customized for your particular program. For example, if your program is designed to increase cross-regional communication, then the match score can be boosted for employees located in different regions. 

If you're curious about how your match score is configured, contact your program administrator.