You've Been Matched. Now What?

When you get matched, you receive a Match Notification email with contact information for your new mentoring partner. This email may contain some Next Steps specific to your program. If it does, great! Follow those next steps to get started in the program. 

Regardless of specific next steps, here's a quick overview of what to expect as a participant in the MentorcliQ-powered mentoring program. 

Connect with your new mentoring partner using your office tools

Say hello. Schedule a first meeting. And get ready to start a strong mentoring relationship.

NOTE: Now that you are enrolled in the program, you can use your own business tools (calendar, email, phone) to connect with your mentoring partner and schedule mentoring sessions. No need to learn new software to connect with your colleagues. MentorcliQ will send you periodic notification to 1) help you track your mentoring activity, 2) share mentoring best practices, and 3) guide you through any upcoming mentoring milestones. 

In the first meeting, you want to accomplish two things: 1) connect on an individual level to start building rapport, and 2) set expectations, initial goals, and a mentoring schedule (see next step). 

You can also review the Getting Started Guides in the MentorcliQ Resource Library for a quick overview of how to Start Strong as a Mentor or Mentee. 

Set goals and expectations

Start thinking about your mentoring goals. Use the Partnership Agreement Form in the Resource Library to help you through this conversation. We also have a video (3 Tips for a Successful Mentoring Relationship) in the Resource Library that can help you start your relationship strong.

Once you have set your goals, spend subsequent mentoring sessions working towards those goals. 

Follow the milestones

Your program administrator may have defined some program milestones for participants in your program. If that's the case, work to hit those milestones. For example, many programs begin with three basic milestones: 

  • Complete your partnership agreement form
  • Perform your Mid-Cycle Check-In with your mentoring partner
  • Complete the Program Closure Plan at the end of the mentoring cycle

The Resource Library includes videos and worksheets to help you through each of these phases/milestones.

Complete your QuickcliQs

MentorcliQ helps you measure your progress and get credit for your mentoring activity.

Every month, you will receive a QuickcliQ. QuickcliQs are sent directly to your employee inbox and allow you to capture critical information about your mentoring progress:

  • How many hours you spent in mentoring activities
  • What you focused on during that time,
  • And any milestones you achieved during that month. 

Share your feedback

Finally, share your thoughts on the mentoring program and your specific mentoring relationship when you receive the satisfaction surveys. You will typically receive satisfaction surveys at the mid-point and end of each mentoring relationship.