Managing Your Mentoring Goals

About Mentoring Relationship Goals

Each mentoring program participant in an active mentoring relationship can create and manage individual mentoring goals.

From the participant’s My Profile page, a participant can: 

  • Add a new goal
  • Assign the goal to themselves or their mentoring partners
  • Mark a goal as complete or incomplete
  • Delete a goal

In addition to managing goal status using the My Profile page, participants can also update their goals using the monthly email-based QuickcliQ surveys.


Adding a goal

Participants can add a goal for  themselves or for their mentoring partner.

  1. From the My Profile page, click Manage Relationship Goals.
  2. Click Add Goal. Enter a Goal Name and Goal Description
  3. Select the participant who is Responsible for Completing Goal. The person indicated here will be the only one able to update the goal status on the My Profile page or through a QuickcliQ.
  4. Set the Goal Due Date.
  5. Click Save.


Updating a Goal

Participants can update, delete, and mark complete goals where they are listed as the Responsible party.

To update a goal name, description, responsible party, or due date:

  1. From the My Profiles page, click Manage Relationship Goals.
  2. Click Update for the goal you wish to edit.
  3. Update any of the goal’s parameters.
  4. Click Save.


To mark a goal complete from the My Profile page:

  1. From the My Profiles page, click Manage Relationship Goals.
  2. Click Mark Complete for the goal you have completed.


To mark a goal complete using QuickcliQs:

Relationship goals are included on your monthly QuickcliQ. If you are responsible for the goal, you can mark the goal complete when completing the monthly survey.

  1. Click the link in the QuickcliQ.
  2. Enter the standard QuickcliQ information including time spent mentoring, focus areas, and milestones completed.
  3. At the bottom of the form, mark a goal as complete by clicking the Mark Complete button.
  4. Click Submit to save your QuickcliQ information and goal progress.