Getting Help from Your Program Administrator

Do you have a question about the mentoring program? Need some advice on working with your mentoring partner? Let us know!

For program-related and employee-specific questions, contact your program administrator. You can send an email to your administrator directly (through your business email directory), or you can use MentorcliQ to reach out. 

The monthly QuickcliQs (mentoring activity surveys) include a mechanism for reaching out to your administrator. 

To contact your administrator using the QuickcliQ

  1. Click the link in the QuickcliQ email to open the QuickcliQ.
  2. At the bottom of the form, select Send a note to my program administrators.
  3. Enter your message. 
  4. Click Submit


To contact MentorcliQ support

For MentorcliQ software or system access issues, feel free to reach out to the MentorcliQ support team at We're happy to help!