Participant Development Reports

Development Reports offer participants and administrators a quick and easy way to view a participant's overall impact as an advisor or advisee, relationship history, and relationship focus. Reports can be filtered by date range and exported on-demand as a branded PDF for easy sharing.


Accessing Your Development Report

  1. From your profile, click the BUTTON located in the left section of your profilette.
  2. Use the "Advisor" and "Advisee" tabs to view your development report as an advisor (e.g. mentor, coach, sponsor, etc.) or as an advisee (mentee, coachee, protege, peer, etc.).
  3. Use the Date Range filter to updated the time period of the report. By default, this will display your activity for the last 12 months.
  4. Export your Development Report by clicking the "Export PDF" button located at the top of your report.

Updating Your Development Report

If you notice any activity missing from your report, please visit My Queue and update your activity. Your Development Report is real-time and will update automatically.