Administrator Message Templates

MentorcliQ Message Templates are a great way to save your messages for later use, share your communication templates with other administrators on your mentoring platform, and find great communication examples from other administrators.

Message templates are organized by category, so you can easily find a great message template based on the type of message you are sending. For example, messages saved for Invitations and Invitation Reminders are grouped together.


Importing a Message Template

To import a message template,

  1. Click the Message Template button at the top of your message form.
  2. Browse Your Saved Message templates or Shared Messages and select Import to load that message into your form.
  3. Send the message as is, or add your personal touches. You can save any updates for future use by Saving the Message Template.



Saving a Message Template 

To Save your message and as a template for future use:

  1. Click the Message Template button on the message form.
  2. Select Save as a Template.
  3. Include a descriptive name for your message template. If you plan on sharing your template with other administrators on the platform we recommend that you include the program name and program role the message is intended for, e.g. "Open Mentoring Program: Mentee Invite"
  4. If you plan to share your message template select the Share Template checkbox. Note: Sharing your message template will allow all other administrators on the platform to view and use your saved template. You can delete your template at any point.
  5. Click Save



Managing Your Saved Messages

Manage your saved message templates by:

  1. Clicking on the Message Template button at the top of a message form.
  2. Selecting Manage Your Messages.
  3. Identify the message template you'd like to delete and select Delete.
  4. Confirm your selection before deleting your template. Note: once your message template is deleted, it cannot be recovered.